Keep 4TH Of July From Ruining Your Babies Sleep

4Th of July can be such an anxiety trigger for parents with small children. The fireworks can get loud, scary and overstimulating, meltdowns take over and the bedtime struggles begin.

For new parents staying home cannot be the only option RIGHT?! This is their first 4th and First of many firsts parents want to celebrate.

Wether staying home or being brave by going out, these tips are sure to give every parent a successful 4th.

Staying home :

1. Cap naps and tweak your little ones schedule so that bedtime happens before the fireworks start. This will ensure your child/baby is already entering or in a deep stage of sleep when those loud explosions happen.

2. Continuous loud white noise. This will block out most of the outside noise and keep the room at a equal noise level to keep sleep cycles flowing.

3. Take a deep breath and remember this is only one night and cuddles and reassurance if they do wake up will not ruin their routine or sleep or create a prop.

For the BRAVE souls going out to a firework show...

1. For older children prepare them and talk about what will happen and that there is nothing to be afraid of. Show them past videos leading up to the day and let them ask questions.

2. Naps are very important , make sure you try and have restorative naps at home so that your baby/child is fully rested for a later bedtime and a big crowd.

3. Bring snacks , water, earplugs and extra clothes. Be prepared and find a spot that is less crowded to avoid overstimulation.

4. Dress your child in their pajamas and before leaving for home do a diaper change/potty trip to ensure a perfect transfer from the car to their crib/bed.

5. Know when to go do not push the limit to ensure no meltdowns.

Happy 4TH of July !

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