Is your little one waking at the crack of dawn?

Are you waking up before the sun rises because that’s what your child is choosing to do? I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that doesn’t enjoy waking up before I have to. Sleep is a necessity, not just something we get when we can. 

Don’t let your baby’s early morning risings dictate how you have to start your day. There are ways to help your little one sleep through the night and wake up at a reasonable hour. The average wake window for babies and toddlers is somewhere within the range of 6am-8am. If your baby wakes before that 6am mark, here are a few things that may be causing that. 

  1. Overtired: your baby may be too tired by the time bedtime comes along and that could be the cause of this early wake up. 

  2. Under tired: unfortunately, it could also be that your baby isn’t tired enough or has slept too much during the day.

  3. Environment: your baby could be stimulated awake by the rays of sun streaming in through the window. 

  4. Bedtime is too early: if you’re putting baby to bed at 6pm, but expecting them to sleep until 7am. That is a lot to ask of a baby. 

Just remember sleep is a learned habit and needs consistency in order to see progress. 

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