How to handle the new time change?!

We all know that the time change is coming. Here we are yet again. It happens twice a year, and this time around us parents will be losing that one precious hour, but who even notices that with kids anyway?

Are you ready to spring forward? If not, I’ve got a few helpful tips to get you through this.

Daylight savings time starts on Sunday, March 8th at 2am. We will move our clocks forward one hour.

Solution #1:  Slowly Ease Into The Change

This a great solution for those of you with little ones that are sensitive to change. A week prior to the change, start your day 10-15 minutes earlier, and then each of your naps and bedtime will be 10-15 minutes earlier to match. Keep doing this until your baby is now going to sleep and waking up an hour earlier each day. Come Sunday morning, your baby will be close to the normal time.

You could also do it after the fact, and start changing it by 10-15 minutes each day starting Sunday until you’re back to your desired time.

Solution #2: The “Nothing” Approach

This works well if you don’t have to wake up and go to sleep at a certain time every day. It’s also very helpful for those pesky early risers. Adjust your whole day ahead by 1 hour. If baby normally wakes up at 7am and goes to sleep at 7pm, now they wake up at 8am and go to bed at 8pm. Pretend like nothing has happened and continue your normal routine. Allow baby to wake up on their own, then keep the rest of your day on that hour later schedule.

Solution #3: Go Cold Turkey

This is for those little ones that are really good sleepers and just go with the flow. All you do is go on with your day as if nothing has changed. You will get baby up at the normal time and keep your schedule the same. Us adults just lose an hour of sleep (like we could even notice that by now). We adapt very quickly, and this may be the best way for your little one as well.

Babies are more sensitive to time than toddlers, so don’t try to stretch your baby longer than they can handle.

Keep track of the time as well as their sleepy cues when deciding on when to lay down for naps. Your baby should be well adjusted and past the signs of daylights savings time within a week (2 max).

Just don’t get too comfortable because we get to go through this all over again seven months from now, but we get to gain an hour of sleep!!..... Yeah, right!

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