Im Hanneke Giordano, founder of Sleepyheadzzz consulting and the mother of two beautiful kiddos. As most first time moms I found myself sleep deprived after my son was born and had no idea on why my baby was never sleeping. Everyone told me, when I was pregnant, that babies will sleep when tired, but then why was my son always crying and awake?

I soon did what all moms have done before, I googled it and found a sleep consultant. I decided it was worth a try and I needed to make that investment to be sure that I have done everything I could as a mother to help my tired, fussy baby. 

After 3 days I saw such an improvement I started researching baby sleep because I was amazed at how I missed this information as a mother. After 6 days my son slept 12 hours through the night and took 1.5/2 hour naps all in his own room in his crib and that is when I knew I want to help other families feeling hopeless , beyond exhausted with a fussy overtired baby to learn the importance of adequate sleep and teach them how to instill good sleep habits with their baby and create the right routine and environment for success.

Don't fall into the "you will never sleep again" meme world, book your 15 minute consultation and lets get your whole house sleeping again!

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