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"Hanneke is incredible to work with! Her program offers such a personalised and soft approach to helping your baby sleep. I never thought my daughter would be able to put herself to sleep and now she does for every single nap AND at bedtime. I have a little more freedom throughout the day now than when she was constantly sleeping on me which enables me to be a better mama when shes up! Hanneka is literally there for you every step of the way! Her program was the best investement I have ever made! "

-Ashley Marie Short (newly rested mama)

Our Philosophy 

We believe a happy baby and a happy mother creates a happy home, but that is easier said than done right? How do we ensure a happy baby? There are so many factors that creates a content and happy baby/child but we believe it all starts with proper rest and proper sleep and a deep bond with mom and dad. Without the right amount of down time every person becomes cranky and fussy even us adults and without a strong bond we ,as parents would not be able to know when our little one needs food, sleep, or extra cuddles. We strive everyday to teach mothers of today how to teach proper soothing techniques and proper methods for teaching their babies to self soothe while creating a strong bond to be able to KNOW what their little one needs and meet those needs before they become fussy ,upset and inconsolable.

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